09-08-18 - After having a fair amount of problems with the File Project, I seem to have finally gotten everything sorted and working again.  I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience.  Please let me know if you have any trouble from here on out.  That being said, I am working on actual updates again, in particular the Night City District Guide expansions and Glass Road.  Lastly, I have removed the links to the large Bundle files, Dropbox no longer allows public linking to large files, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement.  If anyone has suggestions for a host for large, publicly shared files, feel free to get ahold of me.

07-22-16 - Finally, I have gone through and meticulously cleaned up all the broken links (I hope), and replaced all the old links to e-mail me with my new e-mail address (  I also used the opportunity to clean up some of the image heavy pages where things would get jumbled and difficult to read.  Removed most of the background images that made reading some pages a headache (especially Lost Angeles and Autumn Blade) and in general just cleaned things up a bit.  I hope you guys enjoy the effects of this maintenance run, and please, if you find a broken link, or an e-mail pointing to the old *droc* addy, let me know. 

07-07-14 - INTERLOCK UNLIMITED has undergone a massive update, the changes are pretty big, and the project has gained 2 pages in the process and required me to redo the character sheets as well. 
There is also a new Character Sheet Tutorial to help you fill out your Interlock Unlimited Character sheets properly without confusion.  The Interlock Unlimited Generic Character Sheets, Basic Character Sheets, Simple Character Sheets, Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheets, and Cyberpunk 2020 Elite Character sheets have also all been updated. Details of the changes can be found on the Datafortress 2020 Blog

INTERLOCK UNLIMITED is a re-imagining of R.Talsorians Interlock Rules System and as such was designed not only to cover any genre, setting, or situation, but remain fully compatible with all games built on the Interlock System. 
UPDATED 7-7-14 The DF 2020 files, Interlock Unlimited files, the image gallery and the Cyberpunk Archive are all back and running smooth.  Once again Datafortress 2020 is home to the largest and most comprehensive assortment of Cyberpunk 2020 materials in the world.

I am working on more entries for the guide, eventually the plan is to give as much detail on each district as I did for the Combat Zone guide.
A detailed look at the irradiated ruins of the Middle East.

If you find that an image won't load, or a link is broken, please forgive me and try and bring it to my attention so that I might fix the problem.

Datafortress 2020 is now open for submissions.  All I ask is that tech articles for weapons, vehicles, gear, etc...... have accompanying images.  If you are having trouble finding an image, or don't have a scanner, or just can't draw, talk to me..... and we will see what I can do to help.  I know that is asking a lot, but I want DATAFORTRESS 2020 to be recognized as the best Cyberpunk 2020 site around.

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