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The Night City Amalgamated map was created by using the Official Night City Map (German Version) and copy and pasting sections of cities from around the world using Google Earth.  The original Night City Map, and its companion, the Night City Sourcebook, represent the finest City Guide I have ever seen in all my years of gaming.  This is just the first part of an ongoing project to expand those great works, Night City and its inhabitants.  Inspired by Eric Bergebaurs hand drawn Map, and my own 20 years of playing, this map represents the entirety of Night City proper and its major suburbs.  As always, Datafortress 2020 strives to work with what has been laid out, and this in no exception.  The timeline has advanced 4 years, and there have been some changes, especially in the dominant gangs and their territories, but eventually this project hoped to include every location in the published works, as well as some of the locations from fan sites and gamers around the world, and lots of new places and faces.  I am working on a way to post the individual Google Earth locations, so you too can use the program and zoom as close as you want in individual locations.

The Night City Expansion Guide is Underway.


1.    North Point Park
2.    North Marina
3.    Pondsmith Park
4.    Little Italy
5.    Northside
6.    City Center
7.    Upper East Side
8.    Upper Marina
9.    East Marina
10.    New Harbor
11.    Old Downtown
12.    Medical Center
13.    City Center
14.    Bank Block
15.    Corporate Circle
16.    Corporate Center
17.    Westhill Gardens
18.    Westhill
19.    New Downtown
20.    North Haven
21.    Ackerman
22.    West Haven
23.    South Haven
24.    Wynngate
25.    Fiskerton
26.    Quintanario
27.    Park Front
28.    Night City University
29.    Lake Park
30.    Japantown
31.    Little china
32.    Studio City
33.    Charter Hill
34.    Victoria
35.    North Pinnacle
36.    Pinnacle Park
37.    Mellville Tunnel
38.    South Pinnacle
39.    Gibson Freeway
40.    Bolme Port
41.    Colton
42.    Ellington
43.    Olympic Park
44.    Hockabout
45.    Lisaton
46.    Moss Park
47.    Lake Talsorian
48.    University of N. California
49.    Miracle Mile
50.    Camino
51.    Burroughs
52.    Karsten Hill
53.    Schuyler
54.    De Marco
55.    Little Odessa
56.    Newton
57.    Graves Point
58.    Nakajimo Plaza
59.    Chalkhurst
60.    Bayside Park
61.    Bayside North
62.    Spillane (Little Dehli)
63.    Trevor Pallisades
64.    Marsten (The Combat Zone)
65.    Lakeside (Little Haiti)
66.    Pacific Park
67.    Verhoven Park
68.    Pyun Place
69.    Saints Row
70.    Van Atta
71.    Arneson
72.    Darby
73.    Gygax
74.    Romita (Little Arabia)
75.    Pleasant Ridge
76.    Bayside Central
77.    Del Coronado Bay
78.    Chesterfield
79.    Balmer
80.    Harristown
81.    Klemann
82.    Skorkowsky Hill
83.    Maleki Heights
84.    Hellgate Institute
85.    Liberty Park Valley
86.    Astleford Place
87.    The Grays
88.    Bayside South
89.    Bay Park Industrial
90.    Jacobs Village
91.    Baldwin Place
92.    The Infinity Interchange
93.    Independence Center
94.    Blue Ridge
95.    San Andreas
96.    Liberty Park
97.    Conklin Rock
98.    Woods Chapel
99.    Morningside
100.    Stillwater
101.    Seaside
102.    Paradise Island
103.    Rucka Marsh
104.    Laguna Complex
105.    Gateway
106.    Asen Parl
107.    The Twins
108.    Romine Village

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Night City Amalgamated created and compiled by Deric Bernier, original Night City Map by R.Talsorian and Games-In